A Little About Me.

I'm CaspD3V, a multi platform developer and small YouTuber. I love to program cool projects that help out the community. I created EonHub, iTweakOS, iPlistGen, and many other projects.

I started programming in November 2017 and started off as a skid but I kept learning how to program every day and i still learn new things to help my development cereer grow. I love to develop cool projects because it makes me happy.

I made my first YouTube video in January 2011 and it was called "Winter's Epic Fail On Ice [Volume 1]". I do not regret it because it is what got me into making videos to put on the internet and it makes me happy.

The types of projects I make are mainly iOS related but I also work on video games, websites, software, scripts, and mods. I enjoy it all and I love what I do so im happy that I made this into my job.